moving-boxesYou need quality moving boxes to protect your belongings. It is becoming more common for clients to pack there own moving boxes for their interstate removals and by doing so this can save you money. In saying that, there are a few common rules that one should follow for successful packing of your goods which will dramatically reduce the risk of damage. Should you require further information for any unusual item’s please do not hesitate to contact our team for professional advice.

The now you can purchase the most popular moving boxes in Australia for moving, packing and storage. You would be crazy to hire moving boxes when you can buy the cheapest moving boxes. In addition to moving boxes we offer a range of other moving supplies including: Second hand moving boxes and used moving boxes; Other cardboard moving boxes such as Picture and Linen boxes; Bubble wrap in various sizes; Butchers’ paper, Tape and tape dispensers; and Mattress and lounge covers.

Quality Moving Boxes Australia Wide

It is always preferred that you use professional Moving Boxes as they are built specifically for the job, grocery boxes are designed for pallets not free stacking. Removal cartons have been designed by removalists for furniture removals, and are therefore far more resilient and sturdy. There are two primary sizes of removal cartons.

  • Standard or T-chest : 65cmx45cmx40cm
  • Book and Wine: 40cmx40cmx30cm

For the very best range of moving boxes available in Australia, contact the team at United today.

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